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Pure Hemp CBD Vapes

Girl Buzz Hemp derived CBD Vapes

Get ready to FEEL GOOD NOW. Girl Buzz Hemp extract vapeables is a sister company of Biomedical Pharms. Our vapes are an exquisite elegant experience. Our propriety Broad Spectrum blends possess a synergistic effect with maximum bioavailability in the market. Our blends contain the highest quality Hemp extract and delicious plant terpenes your senses deserve! These pre-filled 500mg and 1,000mg Hemp derived CBD and less than 1% of other phytocannabionoids that offers you the best formula exponentially enhanced by its unique blend of terpenes.

Why Choose Girl Buzz Hemp Extract Vapes?

Our newest Hemp extract vape formula offers you the highest level of enjoyment to your daily tasks. These luxurious 500mg and 1,000mg Hemp derived phytocannabinoids Vape offers all your favorite terpene blends. Its heat resistant glass housing cartridge and its ceramic tip are the symbols of precise cleaner puffs, leakproofness and luxury user experience.

Choose Girl Buzz Hemp extract Vapes by Biomedical Pharms Lab because we are founded by a Neuro Pharmacologist Scientist Doctor with over 13 years in drug development experience, and all our products are formulated with the highest manufacturing compliance. We, at Biomedical Pharms Lab, wanted to give you the highest quality Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract inside the most reliable and luxurious ccell cartridge for a smooth, fantastic Hemp extract vape experience. This product does not contain THC.