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About Biomedical Pharms

Meet Dr. Sandra A. Acosta, BS, MSMS, PhD.

Dr. Sandra Acosta is the Founder & CEO of BioMedical Pharms Labs and the famous CBD vape brand Girl Buzz CBD: She is a Medical Scientist Doctor,  researcher, author, entrepreneur, avid vaper, CBD activist, and animal lover.

Dr. Sandra Acosta is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She came to the United States of America over 20 years ago to pursue her dream of become a Medical Scientist. She graduated with honors as a Biomedical Scientist at the University of South Florida (USF). Later, She received her Master degree in Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology and her doctoral degree in Neuro-Pharmacology from the department of Neurosurgery at USF. Her doctoral thesis is on pharmaceutical & nutraceutical formulas; formulations using anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative agents from synthetic and natural sources. She pursued a 6 year post doctoral fellowship at the department of Neurosurgery and Brain Repair at USF.

Dr. Sandra became an expert in translational therapeutics, and drug development for neurodegenerative disorders and neuroinflammation. In 2016 Dr. Sandra became the only female Hispanic to received a 98.8 percentile in a grant application from the National Institute of Health and received two research grants the same year. She has published over 60 scientific manuscripts in high impact journals.

She is also the author of four book chapters, and she has over 5 press releases from her publications and discoveries. In 2018, Dr. Sandra started two companies Biomedical Pharms, LLC and Girl Buzz Vape, LLC in order to investigate and develop the purest and most effective pharmaceutical grade CBD formulations with the highest bioavailability (so called absorption).

Dr. Sandra and her team are using all of their brain power to create formulations to reach the highest standards for the cannabidiol (CBD) from industrial hemp products. She is an active advocate for the use of CBD in medical research in neurodegenerative diseases including ischemic stroke,  and chronic neuroinflammatory diseases.

Dr. Sandra is an avid speaker and she strives to destigmatize the use of CBD from our society and She constantly educates and advocates about the beneficial effects of CBD in our daily lives.

Our BioMedical Pharms, and GBV founder now shares her success with others, and what started as an independent research journey, became the foundation of who we are today. From wholesale import to ultra premium CBD products, her vision continued to grow and adapt as our community paves its way across the world. BioMedical Pharms and GBV were born from the love for innovation, a desire to formulate the best products of the market, and to create trends of complex original formulations that provide wellness.

BioMedical Pharms, and GBV create all products under rigorous quality control measures. Our industrial hemp come from Oregon, and all our products are 100% made in the USA. We are committed to be #1.
BioMedical Pharms, and GBV have invested in substantial research to ensure that our loyal customers receive only top-quality products. We are confident when you try our products, you will experience and taste the difference.



Founder & CEO