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The Efficacy Of Nano Emulsified Hemp CBD Oil

Why Nano Emulsified Hemp CBD Oil is considered the most effective

Why is Nano Emulsified Hemp CBD Oil considered the most effective. Let’s visualize nano, nano-meter or nanotechnology from a non-scientific perspective.

A nanometer is 1 billion times smaller than 1 meter. Take for example, if a simple marble represents the size of a nano-meter, a meter would be the size of earth.

Why is it advantageous to implement nanotechnology to formulate  products; lets take into consideration  McDonald analogy for nano proteins.

“Imagine eating a steak, although the steak most likely contains about 40g of protein, only a small fraction of the 40g is obsorbed due to the digestive process. By nano sizing the protein down to a molecular level the protein is more easily absorbed by body, thus increasing the bioavailability to 90 to 100 percent”.

The same is true for Hemp CBD Oils. By nano-sizing the cbd molecules Biomedical Pharms Labs was able to create a CBD Oil that is more readily absorbable by the body.

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