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CB-1200 Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Oral Tinctures – (40mg/ml)

CB-1200 Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Oral Tinctures – (40mg/ml)



UPC: 653046108843

SKU: Bio0040-1-3


30 ML

Total Cannabinoids

CBD 1,200 MG

CBG ~2%

CBC ~2%



Recommended Use

Place 0.5 ML -1ML under tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing


Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil.  CBD, CBG, CBC, Proprietary Terpene blend, triple distilled MCT Oil.

Nutritional Facts per ML

CaloriesTotal FatCholesterolSodiumTotal CarbSugarsProtein
101 g0 mg0 mg0 g0 g0 g

Biomedical Pharms Labs (BPL) broad spectrum hemp extract CBD Oil Nano-Emulsified oral tinctures contain high CBD, CBG, and CBC and plant based terpenes.  these formulations are the result of years of experience in nanotechnology and nutraceutical industry.

BPL oral sublingual tinctures (broad spectrum hemp extract CBD oils) are not full spectrum, these are made with broad spectrum hemp extract (CBD, CBG, CBC and other minor cannabinoids + Terpenes with 0% THC. The CBD oil can be found in our BPL products.

Benefits of Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil:

Biomedical Pharms Labs oral sublingual tinctures are not full spectrum, these are broad spectrum hemp extract made from the purest industrial hemp CBD with 0% THC.

Therefore you will be always worry free about the legalities of CBD in your state.

Place one or 2 drops (each drop 1ML) of Biomedical Pharms Labs (BPL) Broad Spectrum Oil Oral Tincture under your tongue and keep it there for 40 second before swallowing,  this allow the extract to be absorbed into your blood through the capillary tissue under the tongue.

BPL Broad Spectrum Oil Nano-Emulsified tinctures come in several strength to allow our clients to choose and pick the best option for their body.

For a higher dosage, take 2 mls or simply access one of our other BPL CBD Oil strengths.

If you are looking for our full-strength Broad Spectrum Oil 2,500mg in a 30 ml bottle is everything you need.

Biomedical Pharms Labs (BPL) Hemp CBD oral tinctures provide the best option when looking for organic, natural plant-based support to meet all your needs and control the well-being of your mind and body.

They make an excellent addition to any wellness routine.

Choosing the right brand of Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract!

Currently the Hemp CBD industry in the USA is not closely regulated so it’s your choice to make sure your industrial hemp extract is from a trustworthy company.

If you opt to select retailer, online or in person, make sure you pick the proper company with the correct credentials to guarantee you aren’t wasting your money on ineffective products!

Meet the founder and Lead Senior Formulation Scientist at BioMedical Pharms, LLC, DR. SANDRA A. ACOSTA, BS, MSMS, PHD.

Always ask for an independent lab report


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Consult Your Physician Before Taking Any hemp extract. Must be 18+ Years Older To Consume.

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Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD. Non-Detectable THC.