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Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD oil for PETS 350MG (Organic-Flavorless 0% THC)

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SKU: Bio0040-1-1

At Biomedical Pharms, we take care of your pet as well with the same excellence and puppy LOVE. We worked really hard to formulate our Hemp Extract for Pets formula.

We make sure our pet products pass the same strict and rigorous testing and quality controls. Our pets are our babies, and our best friends, it is our responsibility to take care of the animals and pets we love so much.

BPL Hemp Extract for pets is derived from Broad spectrum Hemp CBD extract (we keep all the terpenes and remove 100% of THC) Nano-Emulsified oral tinctures are the result of years of experience in nanotechnology and nutraceutical industry.

BPL CBD Oil are made with the purest broad spectrum Hemp CBD extract with 0% THC, so you will always be worry free about the legalities of CBD in your state.


30 ML

Hemp Extract: Total phytocannabinoids

CBD: 350mg

CBG: <1%

CBN: <1%

CBC: <1%

Terpenes: <1%


CBD: 11.6 mg/ml

CBG: 0.1 mg/ml

CBN: 0.1 mg/ml

CBC: 0.1 mg/ml

Recommended Use

5lbs to 65lbs pet: 0.5ML to 1ML daily
65lbs to 100lbs pet 2ML daily


Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Oil and other phytocannabinoids.  Proprietary Terpene blend, triple distilled MCT Oil. THC free.

Product Facts per ML

Calories Total Fat Cholesterol Sodium Total Carb Sugars Protein
10 1 g 0 mg 0 mg 0 g 0 g 0 g

Benefits of Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil for your pets:

Pet weight 5lbs to 65lbs = Place one dropper once daily PET CBD Oil Oral Tincture (each dropper is 1ML) in your pet tongue, dispense slowly.

Pet weight 65lbs to 100lbs = Place 2 droppers once daily of PET broad spectrum hemp extract CBD Oil Oral Tincture (each dropper is 1ML) in your pet tongue, dispense slowly.

BPL broad spectrum hemp extract oil for pets provide the best option when looking for organic, natural plant-based certified industrial hemp.

Biomedical Pharms Labs (BPL) are always very transparent about providing the best quality products, we follow the highest good manufacturing practices (GMP) in developing products that are safe and veterinary approved for all your pets. You can always trace our hemp extract source from the farm to our lab. You can see our lab reports here!

Choosing the right brand of CBD!

Currently the Hemp CBD industry in the USA is not closely regulated so it’s your choice to make sure your broad spectrum hemp extract oil is from a trustworthy company.

If you opt to select retailer, online or in person, make sure you pick the proper company with the correct credentials to guarantee you aren’t wasting your money on low quality products!

Meet the founder and Lead Senior Formulation Scientist at BioMedical Pharms, LLC, DR. SANDRA A. ACOSTA, BS, MSMS, PHD.

Always ask for an independent lab report

6 reviews for Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD oil for PETS 350MG (Organic-Flavorless 0% THC)

  1. John P

    Simply amazing! My Furry baby can finally feel its best! Thank you, thank you!

  2. Francis Lauren

    My little Maltipoo started having problems with her hips, to the point that she will stay laying for the whole day, doctors prescribed her meds that makes her sleep all day, but all this change after trying this excellent product, my doggy is alert goes up and down stairs, is incredible to see her having fun again, we are very happy

  3. Margaret green

    My dog is epileptic, and doctors only prescribedmeds that makes my little baby sleep, this problem is being solved with this amazing oil! Thank you guys

  4. Julius C

    My dogs love the flavor!! They bith are more relax now, and their pain is gone! Highly recommended!

  5. Julia M

    Muy bueno! Puedo decir con certeza que mi perrito se siente bien, ya no está tan nervioso y está más juguetón, todo le asustaba. Feliz de haber encontrado este aceite para perritos ! Gracias BioMedical

    • Sandra Acosta (verified owner)

      Muchas gracias por tu opinion!

  6. Nikita Gonzales

    I cannot stop buying the pet cbd oil! It has helped my little baby chihuahua so much with his anxiety ! Pepito is so much calm and i can tell he enjoys going out to the park more! He is not anxious about other dogs anymore. He is even playful with dogs he has never seen, that is amazing to see! 100% recommended! If you have a pet like pepito, nervous , anxious, and aggressive toward other dogs, you need this pet cbd oil. It does not have any artificial flavors, it is pure cbd and other cannabinoids! ( cbg , cbn, cbc…

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Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract. Non-Detectable THC.

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