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650MG CBD Oil (0% THC)

(7 customer reviews)



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SKU: Bio0040-1

Benefits of CB-650 Broad Spectrum CBD

CB-650 is a perfect addition to you daily wellness.  It contains 650mg of CBD and a variety of phytocannabinoids re-infused with proprietary terpenes patent pending. This soothing extract is ideal for those who are new to CBD. Biomedical Pharms Labs feature certified organic broad spectrum hemp extract with high concentration of phytocannabinoids.  Complement your days with wellness using CB-650


30 ML

Total Cannabinoids

CBD 650 MG




21.6 mg/ML

Recommended Use

Place 0.5 ML -1ML under tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing


Broad Spectrum Hemp extract CBD Oil.  CBD, CBDa, CBDv, CBG, CBC, CBN, Proprietary Terpene blend, triple distilled MCT Oil.

Nutritional Facts per ML

Calories Total Fat Cholesterol Sodium Total Carb Sugars Protein
10 1 g 0 mg 0 mg 0 g 0 g 0 g

7 reviews for 650MG CBD Oil (0% THC)

  1. John P.

    I have bought 4 bottles this year of the cb-650z. My life has changed for the better! I can finally feel the difference ! And i love it!

  2. Madelin Angulo

    Desde que iniciamos con cbd de biomedical pharms han surgido cambios positivos en nuestro bebé. Anteriormente, la mayoría de tiempo dormía durante todo el día y noche. Ahora, pasa más despierto, se comunica y hace gestos y movimientos que antes no veíamos. Además, nos ha mantenido lejos del hospital al tener menos convulsiones al día y con menor tiempo de duración.
    Muchas gracias por ayudar a disfrutar más a nuestro bebé.

  3. Jim C

    I am a distributer of BioMedical pharms. These products fly out of my shelves. Great laboratory, GMP compliant, organic, all labs test are certified. If you are looking for Broad Spectrum cbd extract that trumy contain high amounts of over 7 different cannabinoids, this is the company and the product for you/your store. I very much recommend this company and its products as your business partner.

  4. Gus Bustamante

    I bought this one for the Firth time, work great but I think the concentration was too low for me, because I finished the bottle too fast so I decided to buy i higher concentration. I got the 2,500 an couple of days ago and I’m very happy with it, very powerful.

  5. Patricia Maldobis

    Very good extract, the flavor is nice and the best part, it does not have any artificial flavoring, it is all natural hemp flavor and the terpenes and delish. In terms of effectiveness, it work very nice when i did 2 droppers at night time. I will get the higher concentration next time and use less so it can last me a long time , i dont want to be without this product! It truly help me with my nervousness and stress! Thanks

  6. Nancy Paterson

    I am a beginner, so i can tell it is Great for beginners! I take a whole dropper daily and it works like a charm! It really makes my day go easy and relax! Amazing product!!

  7. Michel Cario

    “I had an amazing experience BioMedical Pharms Labs CBD 3 days ago. I went online no knowing what i am going to buy or what exactly what i needed. I contact them and the staff helped me big time! She walked me through the different concentrations, the advantages and the benefits of each. In short, i feel like a pro now! She made it easy for me to make my own decision and i chose this intermediate concentration CB-650. It has a nice balance of terpenes and a good amount of cbd per dropper to start my wellness routine! I HIGHLY recommend for anyone in florida and out of state to check it out and to contact BioMedical Pharms if you are not sure. It has been 3 days and i feel happy, more energized, more focus it is simply a wonderful product with an amazing support staff and customer! service!

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Consult Your Physician Before Taking hemp extract. Must Be 18+ Years Older To Consume.

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Broad Spectrum Hemp extract CBD. Non-Detectable THC.

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