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CBN Gummies For Sleep- Sleep Aid 1200MG

(8 customer reviews)



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SKU: BM-sl001-1

Snack & Relax

This is one of BioMedical Pharms’s BEST SELLERS for 3 Years in a row!  These delicious CBN gummies deliver its sleepy effects fast. Sleepy Teddy CBN gummies were VOTED #1 on CBD NEWS and BLAZE CBD magazine for BEST CBN GUMMY FOR SLEEP! These gummies come in a 30 count, each gummy carries 25MG of CBD and CBN (cannabinoid that makes you relax and rest). One gummy is designed to help you get a better rest when is bedtime. It is a perfect addition to your morning hemp CBD routine.

These CBN gummies are scientist formulated, pesticide free, carnauba wax free, solvent free, metal free. They will not disappoint you and they are backed with a 30 Day Product Guarantee

This product contains zero THC and Zero Melatonin


-USDA Certified Organic

-100% THC Free VIEW LABS

-Packed with CBN and CBD

-Gluten Free / Vegan, Non-GMO & Pesticide Free

-No artificial coloring or flavoring

-Nano emulsified 

-30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee



30 gummies

Total Cannabinoids





25mg per gummy

Recommended Use

Take 2 gummies before bed time


500MG Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract plus 250MG more CBN, Proprietary Terpene blend, triple distilled MCT Oil.

Nutritional Facts per ML

Calories Total Fat Cholesterol Sodium Total Carb Sugars Protein
10 1 g 0 mg 0 mg 0 g 0 g 0 g

8 reviews for CBN Gummies For Sleep- Sleep Aid 1200MG

  1. Gerald

    I highly recommend these gummies! I felt sleep within minutes, and th next day i woke up energized. I noticed it does not make you drowsy the day after. The flavor is delish sweet grapes, it only contains less than 1 gram of sugar, no artificial additives! I am having great night sleep with these gummies.

  2. Ángel Ruiz

    Done ! Best thing ever!

    • Sandra Acosta

      thank you so much for your comment! we strive to provide the best products in the market ! Dr. S

  3. Sophia Bristol

    The only gummies that actually work for sleep! Delicious natural grape flavor! I sleep over 8 hour and you dont feel drowsy at ALL the next day! In fact you feel energized and full focus!

  4. Emma Anderson

    Gummies that really works! And feeling great on the next day.

    • Sandra Acosta

      We are here for you! thank you for your feedback!

  5. Marina Fernandino

    Excellent gummies! I tried many cbn gummies for sleep before and nothing really worked. Sleepy Teddy gummies are the only ones that can have me asleep within 15 min and i stay asleep all night long! Hands down the best gummies for insomnia!

  6. Martin Stefan

    These gummies put me to sleep in less than 20 mins! I noticed my sleep cycles are now in balance! Great cbn gummies. The grape flavor is delicious !

  7. Xavier Smith

    I have suffered from insomnia all my life and i was skeptical about this product. I first night i sleep 4 hours!! The second night 5 hours! And like that. After a week i was able to sleep 6 to 7 hours straight without waking up! I am setting up my alarm now in the morning because i need it to wake up! Great product! Clean, high cbn! I Highly recommend it!!!

  8. Miriam

    This cbn gummies are 100% what i was looking for. I slept great the very first day i started taking them! My eyes were closing within minutes from taking the gummy haha it is a wonderful feeling to be able to sleep again! I recommend this! Give yourself a chance and try this, it will put you to sleep right away! It tastes great too!

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